Saturday, January 19, 2013

Action Research Week 1

What I've Learned

Action research (administrative inquiry) is a new topic to me.  I was unfamiliar with it until this course.  In here, I have provided a few snip-its of what I have learned, how it compares to the typical research I have come to know, and how I can find it beneficial to my own career.

Action research, is a way to improve one’s self or surroundings after using a technique similar to the scientific method but not as formal.  Through the use of publications, internet, others’ input, test scores, testing one’s own findings, etc. action research can prove to be a powerful tool in improving schools.

Administrative inquiry and action research differ from the traditional research methods in two key ways.  The latter is often performed by an outsider who seeks to improve on what is already known about a subject while the former is a way of altering one's ideology.  Administrative inquiry seeks to delve deeper into the subject matter as one would with the scientific method.  Ideas are tested, data is questioned, and changes are implemented depending on the decided results.

Now that I have read testimonials about the uses of action research in schools, it is clear that this will need to be an integral part of my school's rudiments.  It's like the old saying, "if you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always gotten."  Changes need to take place for improvement, and action research is fundamentally the best means of discovering what that change needs to be.

Education Leaders using blogs!

Currently my superintended is taking a business trip to the house where Anne Frank hid.  During this trip, he is posting pictures and updates of his journey to a blog.  Blogs can be put to better use in schools to update parents, students, and teachers about the happenings in the school.  They are also a good tool to get people's honest opinion as the audience may post comments to said blog.  Opinions that may not have ever had the chance to be voiced if a less intimidating environment, such as a blog, were not provided.

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