Sunday, March 31, 2013

Updating the Action Research in March

            When I started this program, I knew I needed a platform to launch from.  I started by looking at the original data from the very first test in September 2012—obviously, new students transferring in did not take the test on the same date.  I then verified that the test had been retaken each six weeks.  The next thing I did was verify with all four math teachers (myself included) that the Accelerated Math program was being utilized at least once a week.  One teacher is actually having his students work on Accelerated Math two days a week.  Some of the teachers have started using a program called ALEKS.  I want to alter my original wondering to decide which program is servicing the students better.

                I spent some time looking into the ALEKS program and decided that for now, we will not be exploring its usefulness.  That data set is too small because not all the students are using it.  Also, ALEKS focuses on the students current grade level where as STAR testing and the Accelerated Math program look at each students’ gaps and teaches to the areas they may have not mastered already.

                Revisiting the STAR Math testing, I am finding that the majority of students have been improving but not all.  I want to continue the research over the course of another school year because I have such a small school that the data will be more conclusive over two years.  I will work towards gathering data from the other schools in the district that are also participating in the program.

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